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Kinohimitsu Health Pad » Detox Your Body Naturally, Easily and Effectively with Kinohimitsu Detox Body Patches.

The FDA approved detox body patches that
get rid of harmful toxins without dieting!

"The Health Pad With Negative Ions That
Detox Your Body Naturally And Painlessly... Even While You Sleep!"

Dear friend,

Do you want to
detox your body and remove toxins effortlessly and affordably? Then, Kinohimitsu Health Pad is all you ever need. Based on original Asian studies of mature forest trees' resistance from disease, Kinohimitsu detox patches are formulated to help your body achieve optimum wellness, improve blood circulation, increase body metabolism, enhance quality of sleep and expel harmful body toxins.

"I feel strength in my body and clearer in my mind..."
I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Since I have been using Kinohimitsu, I feel a new lease of life. Stronger in my body, I am now walking for miles each day which I found impossible to do in the past. It's great to feel strength in my body and clearer in my mind. Six months ago I wasn't even able to write this testimonial.
- Holly, UK

Introducing Kinohimitsu Heath Pad,
The Safe & Effective Solution To Detox Body!

To fully appreciate how Kinohimitsu detox body patches work, it is critical to firstly understand the ingredients used in the formulation of Kinohimitsu. Give us a few minutes and we will tell you how you can detox your body easily, effectively and naturally... while you sleep!

These 100% natural detox patches are based on original Asian studies of mature forest trees' resistance from disease. These trees are found in Japan and they have the ability to purify large amounts of water through its roots into purer water, together with its effective absorbing and detoxifying properties of wood sap. These natural ingredients makes this detox patches safe for human use and is approved by the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) as a Medical Device. These unique pads expel unnecessary toxins from the body - making the body feel stronger and more energetic after use.

Kinohimitsu Health Pad - Detox Patches Kinohimitsu Health Pad - Detox Patches



What Are Negative Ions? How Do They Benefit You?

Kinohimitsu detox body patches contain negative ions. Don't let the word "negative" fool you. Negative ions are good for you! They are oxygen atoms with an extra electron, also known as "Chi". Imagine the feeling you experience near a waterfall or high in the mountains - these are two places where thousands of Negative Ions occur and they make you feel better!

Negative ions are usually abundant where nature is unspoilt i.e. waterfalls, caves, seaside, mountains, after thunderstorm, etc. Negative ions refresh your body and enhance your overall well-being. Various studies have shown that negative ions help:

  • Capture heavy metal ions
  • Increase oxygen flow to the brain - improving alertness and mental energy
  • Combat the effects of stress by boosting the immune system and reducing harmful effects of pollution
  • Activate cells, purify the blood, stabilize the nervous system and improve body's immunity
  • Improve your relaxation and sleep

Experiments have shown that negative ions limit the production of serotonin in the body preventing depression and fatigue.

More About Negative Ions That You Must Know!

In 1974, the Swiss Meteorological Institute first studied problems related to seasonal winds in various regions of the earth. The Foehn that blows across Switzerland, the Sirocco in Italy, the Sharav in the Middle East, and the Mistral in southern France were determined to cause physical and mental effects ranging from headaches and depression to heart attacks.

The one common denominator in all these wind variants was the type of electrical charge of the ions in the air. A very high concentration of positive ions was found to be the culprit. Conversely, the air quality studied at the site of a waterfall, in the mountains, or after a spring rain showed significant amounts of negative ions. Further research revealed that human beings respond to negative ion levels above 1000 ions per cc. Scientific research concluded that negatively charged ions have positive effects on living organisms. Plants grow faster and healthier, humans respond with increased alertness and become more relaxed.

Are You Working Or Living In Potentially Harmful Conditions?

25,000 - 100,000
Caves 5,000 - 20,000
Mountains 700 - 5,000
Kinohimitsu 800 - 1,200
Countryside 700 - 2,000
Industrial City 250 - 750
Normal Household (windows open) 250 - 500
Inside Aeroplanes 20 - 250
Office Buildings (with air con) 0 - 250
Smokey Indoors 0 - 100

In ideal indoor living conditions, the ion concentration should be anywhere from 2000-4000 negative ions per cubic centimetre (per cc). Unfortunately most of the elements in our modern day environments act as a vacuum for negative ions. Air-conditioning, heating, synthetic fibres in our clothing, pollution, TV screens, overcrowding, and furniture cause a severe depletion of negative
ions at home and at work. The typical home interior can be measured to average 100 negative ions per cc.

Workplaces, particularly factories and office buildings have even more harmful air, largely due to the steel and concrete fabrication of commercial buildings. These materials absorb the charge of negative ions like magnets. Recent studies measuring air quality of office buildings report an average of 25-50 negative ions per cc.

Thankfully, Negative Ions Neutralizes Pollutants! When released into the air, negative ions quickly attach themselves to bad airborne particles - dust, smog, human and animal dander, smoke, allergens and pollution. These particles become too heavy and fall to the ground.

The creation of negative ions always result in the production of ozone. Ozone is three molecules of oxygen electrically bonded together which has an oxidizing effect on pollution. This oxidation results in the pollution being broken up on a molecular level into its basic chemical constituents. This neutralizes the harmful aspects of these chemicals. The ozone element also acts as a very powerful germicide quickly destroying bacteria moulds and small fungus.


Our red blood cells and blood vessels walls are slightly negative charged. Because like-charges repel, breathing in negative ions helps pushing blood flow and improve blood circulation. There is a saying that rheumatism patients can forecast rainy day. This is because before a thunderstorm arrives, a lot of positive ions are attracted. Hence, breathing in these positive ions slow down blood circulation which results in aches and pains for them.

Kinohimitsu Health Pad contains approximately 1000 c.c. of Negative Ions in each pad. The abundance of Negative Ions will be absorbed by the body which improves blood circulation naturally, increases oxygen flow to the brain and enhances your immune system.

Kinohimitsu Detox Body Patches Works Painlessly & Effectively!


Kinohimitsu Detox Patches Truly Works To Detox Your Body! See It For Yourself!
Waste matters in the human body can easily be checked by examining blood through a microscope. The more waste matters which exist around red blood cells, the dirtier the blood becomes. This symptom shows the serious acidification and sticky condition of the blood.

Basically teethridge disease refers to swelling or bleeding caused by bad blood circulation. Patients suffering from teethridge disease should apply one Kinohimitsu health pad on the left and right sides of the back / neck and waist respectively. It is waste matter such as this that can lead to circulation problems and even lead to diabetes.

Studies have proven that Kinohimitsu health pads make ideal red blood cells and are particularly effective against circulation problems. Research has shown that blood cells are cleaner from waste matter after using Kinohimitsu for only a few days.

When patients' (who applied Kinohimitsu body detox patches) blood was checked under a microscope, there was a significant reduction of waste matters around their red blood cells. For some patients, it was noticeable in three or four days. These tests where carried out after Kinohimitsu detox body health pads were placed on the soles of the feet before going to sleep. Here are the images of red blood cells before and after using the body detox patches.

After 3 Weeks
Before detox body
After detox body

The detox body patches become sticky when applied to a user with high level of toxins. Kinohimitsu detox body patches remove toxins and restore healthy body conditions. Once this is achieved, the detox body patches are no longer sticky and are light in colour.

When you apply Kinohimitsu health pads to the waist area, you can enhance the kidney function and overall excretory system of the human body. When these detox body patches are no longer sticky or black, the pads can then be applied to the soles of the feet only.The improvement of metabolic function by promoted excretion has a good influence to the whole body!

Some patients who have been suffering gout for years found that their condition improved and the pain has been greatly reduced. This is a great example of the importance of excretion by activating metabolic function.


In basic Chinese Medical theory, the sole of the feet is also known as "The Second Heart", which means it is the focal point for important parts of the body, especially blood circulation. Based on this theory, Kinohimitsu detox body patches are primarily used on the soles of the feet because by applying the detox body patches to this area, you expel harmful toxins from the whole body.

Detox Body Sole Reflexology

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"I sleep better and less aches and pains... "
I had a lot of aches in my body and I think that it's due to toxic and impurities. After using the detox body patches, I sleep better and has less aches and pains. I feel much stronger and healthier. I gave some for my brother and mom to use also. Highly recommended for everyone!
- Jeannie Deam, CA

Don't Wait Any Longer! Your Health Is Extremely Important and
You Can Start Feeling Better In Just 24 Hours!

  • Effective!
    Works by eliminating toxins from your body.You will be shocked at how much toxin is in your body!

  • 100% Safe & Natural
    Kinohimitsu detox body patches contain natural ingredients that are safe for human use. Other detox methods can be costly, troublesome, difficult to use or maintain or just plain dangerous.

  • Clean & Convenient
    Just place the detox patches on your body and enjoy better health in as little as 24 hours. You can even use it while you sleep!

  • Fast & Easy
    Kinohimitsu detox body patches get rid of toxins effortlessly. No more wasted time, money and energy by trying other detox methods.

  • FDA Approved
    Kinohimitsu detox body patches are approved by United States Food & Drug Administration as a medical device.
  • Economical
    In the long run, you will find that Kinohimitsu detox body patches are much more economical than other detox methods that may or may not work. Kinohimitsu detox patches will remove harmful toxin and allow you to live the healthy life you want.

Two types of detox body patches available!
Both works effectively to remove harmful toxins!

Kinohimitsu Health Patches Kinohimitsu HOT Health Patches
Kinohimitsu Health Pad - Detox Patches Kinohimitsu Health Pad - Detox Patches

KINOHIMITSU Health Patches with Negative Ions helps you with a wide range of ailments from general ill health to the side effects of more serious conditions. It helps to ease body aches, reduce swelling and joint pains.


Recommended for those suffering from:
- Rheumatism
- Gout
- Diabetes
- Migraines
- High blood pressure
- Depression
- Tension
- Anxiety
- Insomnia
- Arthritis
- Stress
- Hormonal imbalance
- Pulmonary and kidney problems

The detox body patches will improve:
- Blood circulation
- Immune system
- Mental alertness








KINOHIMITSU HOT Health Pad with Far Infrared (F.I.R) has gradual heating effects when use. It helps to relieve pain from physical strain and
. It stimulates the sensor and nerve and promotes blood flow.

F.I.R is part of the spectrum of light emitting from the sun. It is not visible to the eye, but you can feel it as heat penetrating into your skin. It provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation.

When using Kinohimitsu Hot health pacthes, F.I.R vibrating at a frequency to that of the human body cause a thermal reaction which elevates tissue temperature thus expanding blood vessels, activating cells and increasing blood circulation. This allows more oxygen to flow to affected areas to reduce pain and speed up the healing process. F.I.R heat stimulates sweat gland which cleanse and detoxify your body.

Recommended for those suffering from:
- Coldness on feet and hands
- Stiff shoulder and knee
- Body numbness
- Bruises
- Muscles fatigue

The "hot" detox body patches will improve:
- Blood flow
- Immune system
- Body temperature

Kinohimitsu Hot Health Patches have been tested on their ability to stimulate circulation. It was tested through thermo graphic sensors.

Conclusion? Overall body temperature increased after 3 hours of usage. This is because Kinohimitsu Hot health patches increases the blood circulation to the applied areas.

Test results after using KINOHIMITSU HOT Health Pad (by Thermotracer (TH7102 WR), Tokushima Industrial Technology Center).


before detox body after detox body


After 3 hours' Use

before detox bodyafter detox body

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How Much Is Your Health Worth To You?

Kinohimitsu detox body patches is priced slightly higher than other detox pads in the market because only natural ingredients are used and it is approved by the US FDA. Although you can get other detox patches at slightly lower price from the market, ask yourself these 2 questions:

Does it really detox your body? And how effective is it for you?

At, we do not attract customers with cheap pricing to increase our sales by selling inferior detox patches!

Kinohimitsu detox patches are 100% natural and safe. Since your health is important to you, why settle for something ineffective and potentially risky? Isn't your health worth much more than the few dollars saved?

"no more tiredness or tension... "
After using Kinohimitsu detox body patches, I feel that there are no tiredness or tension. My body feels so much better and lighter. I can sleep much better now!
- Gavin Leary, US

Get Kinohimitsu Now With This Special Internet Offer...

For a limited time only, you can get 1 box (2 detox body patches) of Kinohimitsu for just $9.00 (normal retail price $15.00)! But once we have appointed enough distributors and retailers worldwide, the retail price will be fixed at a much higher price. So hurry!

Order & Try Kinohimitsu Detox Body Patches Now!

detox patches medical device - US FDA Approved

P.S. - Think about it. If you really want to get rid of toxins and have better health, the price of Kinohimitsu Health Pad is so minimal compared to the pain and ill-health that you are suffering from. Don't put off placing your order now.

Think of how Kinohimitsu Health Pad can give you a toxin-free and healthy body; you can't put a price on that!

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Hey! We have two more Kinohimitsu products!

Relaxing Sleeping Pad

Rejuvenating Seat Pad
Kinohimitsu Relaxing Sleeping Pad Kinohimitsu  Rejuvenating Seat Pad

Kinohimitsu Relaxing Sleeping Pad provides you with fuller rest and enhances overall body and mind wellness.

Specially formulated with approximately 1000 c.c. of negative ions, this is perfect "sleeping companion" for a calm and restful body and mind.

Studies show that its high level of negative ions effectively neutralize effects of the fatigue-inducing positive ions.

You will wake up feeling refreshed. Everyday, everytime.

Usage instruction:
- Place one pad under each pillow case.
- Replace with a fresh, new pad every 90 days (record sticker inside pack).


Kinohimitsu Rejuvenating Seat Pad improves your overall body wellness and mental alertness.

Specially formulated with approximately 1000 c.c. of negative ions, this is perfect "working companion" for those who spend long hours sitting. The pad is wonderful for the weary body and tired mind.

Studies show that its high level of negative ions effectively neutralize effects of the fatigue-inducing positive ions.

Usage instruction:
- Place one pad on seat.
- Replace with a fresh, new pad every 90 days (record sticker inside pack).





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